Yellow Room (feat. Tim Collins)

Yellow Room (feat. Tim Collins)

Composed and arranged by Roberto Tola
Featuring: Tim Collins (Vibraphone)


Roberto Tola ? Guitars, Acoustic Guitar and additional programmed keyboards
Tim Collins – Vibraphone
Gordon J. Zamor ? Piano & Keyboards
Brandon Meeks ? Eletric Bass
Jason Meekins ? Drum
Larry Salzman ? Percussions
Joe Di Fiore ? Flute
Jorge Ro ? Flugelhorn
Artem Zhuliev ? Tenor Sax

?Everybody should have a room where refuge itself, during rainy and stormy days, and keep there all own treasures and secrets, and keep the past untouched up to when it is the time to open the portmanteau again for the future ahead. My room was in my parents’ old attic, which I painted in yellow color, to feel like having always the sun beaming me and warm the soul. I lived in my yellow room almost all my best youth moments, keeping those memories there, having shared that small and sheltered world with my special friends, or lonely, with my passions and love. I miss all that, but I know that a day I will come back there to open the room door again and let all those memories and treasures fly free??

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