Flying Away (feat. Bob Mintzer)

Flying Away (feat. Bob Mintzer)

Composed and arranged by Roberto Tola
Featuring: Bob Mintzer (Tenor Sax)


Roberto Tola ? Guitars
Bob Mintzer ? Tenor Sax Solo, Tenor Sax
Bill Sharpe ? Piano and Keyboards
Brandon Meeks ? Double Bass
Jason Meekins ? Drum
Larry Salzman ? Percussions

Horns Section:

Joe Di Fiore ? Flute
Jorge Ro ? Flugelhorn
Artem Zhuliev ? Tenor Sax

?There are times when it would be nice to be able to escape and flying away. When the life gets tough, smart people get up from the table, thank all, close the door and go away. Because more often it doesn?t worth, you know. The trouble is that all the rhetoric of courage, education to the sacrifice, the tension for the victory that more or less we all had, prevent us from implementing this simple strategy of survival, which so much troubles and gastritis we would avoid.?

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