Tears For Niro (feat. Bill McGee)

Tears For Niro (feat. Bill McGee)

Composed and arranged by Roberto Tola
Featuring: Bill McGee (Flugelhorn Solo, Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Trombone)

Bill McGee appears courtesy of The 804 Music Group


Roberto Tola ? Guitars
Bill McGee ? Flugelhorn Solo, Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Trombone
Vince Wiley ? Piano
Brandon Meeks ? Eletric Bass
Jason Meekins ? Drum
Larry Salzman ? Percussions

Horns Section:

Joe Di Fiore ? Flute
Jorge Ro ? Flugelhorn, Trumpet
Artem Zhuliev ? Tenor Sax

?Niro was one of my best friend in my life.
He was clever, strong, generous, fast like the wind, specially when we used to ride together on the seashore near to my house, at the sunset time, between splashes of sea water.
A day he flews away, forever, and part of me gone with him?
Niro was my best Friend, Niro was my horse.?

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