With You All The Clouds Go Away (feat. Najee)

With You All The Clouds Go Away (feat. Najee)

Composed, arranged and lyrics by Roberto Tola
Featuring: Najee (Soprano Sax)


Roberto Tola ? Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Najee ? Soprano Sax
Bill Sharpe ? Piano & Keyboards
Brandon Meeks ? Eletric Bass
Jason Meekins ? Drum
Larry Salzman ? Percussions
Joe Di Fiore ? Flute
Jorge Ro ? Flugelhorn
Artem Zhuliev ? Tenor Sax

?There are moments in the life, when something destroys our tranquillity, and makes us sad and worry, Everybody knows what it means, having all to pass thought unavoidable bad times of life. Those moments look so long and interminable. But when all looks compromised, this is the moment when our Love Angel, fixes all again. This is the moment when the grey and black clouds go away and the sky becomes free and blue again.?

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