Sunny Morning (feat. Jill Saward)

Bein' Green Cover by Roberto Tola - Cover Front

Sunny Morning (feat. Jill Saward)

Composed and arranged by Roberto Tola
Featuring: Jill Saward


Roberto Tola – Guitars and additional programmed keyboard
Jill Saward – Voice and Choirs
Bill Sharpe – Piano & Keyboards
Brandon Meeks – Eletric Bass
Jason Meekins – Drum
Larry Salzman – Percussions
Joe Di Fiore – Flute
Jorge Ro – Flugelhorn
Artem Shulev – Tenor Sax


Sunny, morning, shining
Beaming, to us, on the shoreline
This day is special , sunny
So colorful and balmy
Above the birds are flying
I watch the ships go sailing
Upon a magic sparkle ride

I fill so good my Darling
Although today’s not Sunday
And this is all I need now
And I can’t help but rejoice
When I am standing next to you

Sunny, morning, shining
Warning, our love, on the seashore
This day is special sunny
So colorful and warning
A dolphin swims and splashes
And I can’t help but rejoice
When you are standing here with me

Sunlight, beaming, on us
Shining, sunny, sunny morning

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