Sardinia Dream

Bein' Green Cover by Roberto Tola - Cover Front

Sardinia Dream

Composed and arranged by Roberto Tola


Roberto Tola – Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Bill Sharpe – Piano and Keyboards
Brandon Meeks – Eletric Bass
Jason Meekins – Drum
Larry Salzman – Percussions
Joe Di Fiore – Flute
Jorge Ro – Flugelhorn
Artem Zhuliev – Tenor Sax

“Sardinia is an island in the middle of Mediterranean Sea,, full of unique history and traditions, where the time flows, smooth, light and sweet, in a eternal Spring. Land of centenaries people, it is the Island of the breeze, a wind that caresses me during the hot summer days. Sardinia is my native land, the place where I grown up and I live. I adore his uncomparable sea and the snow-white sandy beaches, breathtaking environments and green mountains. Her beauty binds me, and when I’m away, I miss my earth so much.
So, It is always a dream to come back home, return to the Sardinia Dream.”

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Via P. Galleri, 3A
07100 Sassari
Sardinia - Italy